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Steel Detailing

Pengelly Engineers utilises a 3D project modelling technology to offer the right action plan and achieve the best results.  With four in-house steel detailers and vast experience in resolving steel fitment within timber building structures, we are able to provide a reliable and professional service.

3D Project Modeling Technlogy 

We can turn your 3D IFC files into integrated structural steel drawings. If you want to know more, contact one of our team members and get a free site measure and a quote.

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Pengelly Engineers has high capabilities of delivering high-quality steel detailing services to residential homes and multi-dwelling units. Navigate through some of many examples from previous designs that we have developed in order to carry out a successful project.

Our team has a high emphasis on developing a safe environment for our staff and the people around us, we take health and safety very seriously, that’s why we ensure that all our staff is trained and certified to perform at a high professional level.


Steel Detailing Gallery

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Health & Safety

We follow procedures that ensure health and safety for our staff and the people around us. Pengelly’s Engineers make sure that all the staff is properly trained through certifications. Learn More about our processes.

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