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Vehicles and Equipment

Our vehicles allow us to respond quickly and complete a project within a timeframe. Pengelly Engineers believe in providing effective services at a high performance. We balance production and delivery time using our reliable vehicles and equipment. Pengelly’s trucks provide a 23.9 meter reach and 530kg weight limit.

We know that cheap engineering can end up costing more due to the number of fixes that have to happen later on, that’s why we develop a proper design and work on delivery using processes that assure health and safety while delivering high-quality projects.

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Structural Steel

We work with businesses to provide the right solutions for structural steel requirements. With 30 years of experience and a staff of 25 engineers, we work as one team to offer the best customer experience.


Fences and Gates

Discover how Pengelly Engineers can assist you to build gates and fences for commercial or residential projects. We work as one team to offer the best customer experience.

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