Collapsed Awning Removal During Lockdown

Over lockdown we had to cut down an awning that had collapsed after the storm.

The warehouse supplies essential products for the food industry so we had to cut and remove a 40 meter awning.

We worked closely with our crane team, builder and the consulting engineer. It was a tricky operation as the roller doors could not be accessed and as the outriggers where over 15 meters long safety was essential.

We pulled down the awning in 4 days and then had to help patch the front of the building after the awning collapsed and cladding was damaged.
The building was made watertight and talking to the owner today it’s nice and watertight.

Hopefully we get the contract to build the replacement awning, but great news the trucks can now collect and deliver the essential food packaging across NZ.

Great work by our Pengelly Engineering Essential services team.

Damaged Awning
Collapsed awning went down during the storm
Awning removed for essential service
Removing collapsed awning at level 4
Removing collapsed awning for essential service